Here are some wonderful comments from our customers:

"Enjoy ALL the Mr.Masculine products that I have purchased and used. Quality products, fairly priced, and made with quality ingredients." -Rich

"I love Mia's Wish products! I have used several of the bar soaps, and they are all moisturizing, great on sensitive skin, and smell wonderful! I am lucky to live near a shop that sells the soap year-round!

I also use the Face Moisturizer Cream daily. I struggle with rosacea, acne and sensitive, dry skin. This moisturizer is the only thing I can use that is not only non-aggravating and gentle, but actually makes my skin better! It's worked better than any product I've tried in the past, and there were many. I've used it in summer and winter, and it's the perfect weight no matter what time of year it is. 

I can't recommend those products enough! I can't wait to try some of the other things on this site. Thanks, Mia's Wish!" -Amanda

"Now this is a line of body products that is affordable AND effective! My skin is addicted to the immediate results and am trying different products all the time, haven't been disappointed yet! My day must begin and end with lavender soap! Please consider offering Mia's Wish products in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and I'll be one of your first clients!" -Sue

"I have been a Mia's Wish customer for a few years now. LOVE the products! My favorite is the body butter. I love that they are always coming up with new products. I bought the Foot & Heel Helper yesterday in Coconut and used it for the first time last night. Wow, I can already tell a difference after only using it once!! It made my feet feel so soft. I will definitely be purchasing more and recommending this to my friends. Thank you, Mia's Wish!!" -Jennifer

"I bought the body butter at a craft show and I really love it. My skin dries out terribly in winter and you can imagine what a winter like this one does. The body butter works so well that my skin never felt better - its smooth, soft and hydrated and smells wonderful. I'm 74 years old and would not want to be out of this product." - Pat

"The Lavender body butter is the very best!! My husband and I put it on before bed; it soothes us and helps us sleep. We cannot get enough of it." - Jennifer

"Ever since I bought a couple soaps during the Long Grove Apple Festival, I have been in love with my skin! I have always suffered with Eczema, especially during the winter. This winter, my skin has felt more amazing than ever before! It looks so healthy, it glows, and is so incredibly smooth! Half the time I don't even feel the need to apply lotion after showering because the soap does all the moisturizing for me! Plus, the soaps are affordable! I don't need to spend a fortune on having healthy skin. Truly life changing. I here on out will be a life-long customer. Thank you for giving me the skin I have always dreamed of having!" - Kristen

Re: body butter; "My daughter bought me a bottle as a gift and it has saved my life in this harsh Chicago winter. One day I was outside too long and my skin started burning as if I had a mild touch of frost bite. I tried placing a little bit of the moisturizer on my skin and it immediately soothed and eased the burning. Thank you so much for creating such a great product!" - Joseph

"I tried Mia's Wish body butter at The Randolph Street Market and I've been hooked ever since! It smells awesome and it feels light and natural. As a person of color it's amazing on my skin and it keeps it fresh and hydrated. If you have any issues with dry skin, then I'd highly suggest giving Mia's Wish a try!" - Dana

"Mia, I purchased several of your hand made soaps at the Bloomington Corn Fest in August.  I've put several bars in my chest of drawers, others in several places around my apartment for the fragrance. Nice to have a variety scents throughout.   And Yes as well as intended for bath.  A clean, film free, gentle, natural, 'good for the skin', comfortable cleansing experience.  Thanks for having excellent products and your expertise and passion for quality." - Bob

"I love these soaps. I purchased them while attending an urban outdoor market. I figured they smelled nice and didn't expect anything else from them. I was impressed. These soaps not only smelled good as a bar, they also produced a rich, creamy lather. I didn't notice my skin ever feeling dry and tight like it does with just about every other soap I've tried. Best of all, I purchased several different types of soaps and never once did my sensitive skin have a reaction. I have a few bars left and then it's time to order more. Great product!" - Kristina

"I have been using Mia's hand make soaps and body butters now for over a year. My skin totally changed for the better. It became very soft and smooth and for an eighty two year old, this is a miracle. On my face the wrinkles became so soft, almost invisible and some disappeared altogether. And best part is, the mosquitos hate me. I can water my flowers and grass early in the morning and late at night, without being bit. She has great products." - Irene

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Fresh Linen, so far it is my favorite! I am trying other flavors along the way. I will be ordering the Raspberry Bliss soon. Since buying Mia's product i have not purchased commercial soap. My skin is super soft. Mia has a customer for life!!" - Anne-Marie

"If I could be a fragrance it would be "fresh linen" of Mia's wish soaps. Honestly - I am so enchanted with the feel and fragrance of this soap. It will be a staple in my home." -Kate

"I discovered Mia's Wish last year at Andersonville fest in Chicago, and they are simply the BEST! The soaps are wonderful and lather up great.  I LOVE the soy body butter... it feels and looks like light, airy, whipped butter but is so luxuriously rich and creamy, making your skin feel super soft in a completely nongreasy way!  All her products smell so fresh and yummy.  I am so happy I found Mia's Wish!" - Michelle

"These soaps are wonderful. First I bought some at the show in Hinsdale July 4th and then purposely went to La Grange in the horrible heat to buy 11 more bars. Mia is very nice and I wish her success in her business. I have ordered more online and plan to do so again if you are not at a show near my home. I love everything I buy from you!!!" -Anita

"I purchased a few bars several months ago. They are so creamy - love them!" -Maria

"Me and a friend of mine discovered your body butter at the Lisle Balloons to the Sky fest this summer. We are big fans of your product and we're very particular!" -Annette and Heather

"Soap leaves your skin so soft and the butter cream smells delicious and leaves your skin so like a baby!!!" -Rosa 

"I love...love...my soaps! I have been using them for about a month now and I will not switch back to store brands.  Since I have been using Mia's Wish soaps my skin feels smooth and silky after I shower.  I no longer itch like I did from store bought soaps. The soaps are so wonderful that I even use them on my face with the same smooth results. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product." -Monica