A Manager is responsible for managing day to day operations, creating a pleasant shopping experience for our guests, as well as providing a sound work environment for our staff.  


Providing the Experience
-Provide and adhere to a culture of creating a pleasant, world-class interactive shopping experience 
-Deliver excellent customer service
-Lead a best-in-class team
-Manage daily accounting records
-Review, monitor and analyze store transactions
-Ensure store goals are met or exceeded
-Keep expenses within reason and budget
 -Ensure the general operations of all stores and its employees are running smoothly and in accordance with policies and procedures
-Manage inventory
-Order office, shipping and maintenance supplies when needed
-Manage store's maintenance and upkeep needs, contact vendors when necessary
-Attend to customer queries 
-Use sound judgement when demonstrating responsibility and decision-making ability
-Effectively communicate with customers, associates and management in a professional manner 
-Manage all sales, operational and merchandising needs effectively
Managing of Staff 
-Recruit, train, inspire, supervise and appraise staff
-Create and manage work schedules
-Enforce personnel policies
-Conduct employee 90-day and 1-year performance reviews
Other Duties
 -Other duties as assigned
Physical Requirements 
-Ability to lift and carry up to 40 pounds
-Able to stand for extended periods of time
-Two years experience in a supervisory role related to retail, sales and customer service
-Proven record of effectively leading teams and driving sales
-A positive, energetic, can-do, roll-up-sleeves attitude

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