About Us

A way to slow down in life by gaining freedom from corporate America..... 

A chance to stop, breathe, and enjoy all that is around us.... 

To learn to love again and start each day fired up with passion... 

To create a product that brings people to a special place each time they use it....whether it be a delightful memory of a happy time, a success, a loved one, childhood memories or just 5 minutes of "me" time.... 

A girl with an appreciation for natural ingredients, a love of the finest scents and a yearning to create an aesthetically appealing bath experience was on a mission. She started experimenting with soap-making in her kitchen after discovering that ingredients in commercial soap were drying out her skin. She believed that there had to be a formula that would create the most luxurious bath experience not only for her dry skin, but for people of all skin types including those that suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Research after research and one experiment after another, the Mia’s Wish soap formula was created – a wonderfully soothing, rich, creamy, silky, lathering bar with lots of bubbles that was well-liked by people with normal skin to people who suffer from skin problems. Having a passion for the arts, she designed each soap to be aesthetically unique in appearance.

Each bar is handmade from scratch in small batches, controlling every ingredient, using high-quality, pure, natural vegetable oils and love. When instances in life may seem uncertain, there is one thing you can count on – a luxurious bath experience morning, noon or night from Mia’s Wish.

So, indulge, enjoy and enlighten your senses with Mia’s Wish soap - a little slice of heaven to brighten your day! 

In my products, you will find the fruits of my labor: love, compassion, open-mindedness, care, perseverance and discipline. 

To all my customers, I sincerely want to thank you for your patronage. Thank you for believing in my products and thank you for the joy that you have given me. I can only wish that I return that joy to you in my next batch of soap. 

Because great people deserve great soap!